On Thursday, we have been in Texas overlaying the president’s crucial journey to the southern border. He toured border services. He met with officers at a border patrol station. He attended a safety briefing, and he sat down with the victims of unlawful immigration.

The Red Tea Detox

And in the meantime, Democratic lawmakers have been 1,800 miles away within the consolation of their Capitol Hill places of work, the place they nonetheless refuse to reopen the federal government and even negotiate, all as a result of President Trump had the audacity to attempt to enhance border safety — one thing they supported only a few years in the past.


Give it some thought. To be able to impede the president’s agenda, the hate-Trump Democrats, hate-Trump media truly need to faux that border safety does not matter. That partitions are someway immoral — partitions they voted for prior to now. And that it’s, after all, one large “manufactured disaster.” They usually preserve saying it many times and once more.

After all, the hate-Trump Democrats and their greatest pals, the hate-Trump media, are always now repeating that precise speaking level. In different phrases, the media are nothing however an extension of all issues Democratic Get together as a result of they’re all saying the identical factor. All of them sound all alike. All of them say the identical factor. One large speaking level repeated many times.


However we do lose 300 People each week due to the 90 % of heroin that crosses that southern border.

On Thursday, “Every day Caller”-Sirius XM Patriot’s Kerry Picket had the chance to ask Nancy Pelosi to defend her “manufactured disaster” stance on the border. On the the household of California police officer Ronil Singh, who was killed the day after Christmas by an unlawful immigrant, and different victims of unlawful immigrants, Pelosi stated, “What I’d say to households like that’s what I say to the president, repeatedly. These are tragic conditions. There is a tragic state of affairs on the border. Two little youngsters died within the custody of the border patrol. However the plural of anecdote just isn’t information. What the president is proposing won’t get rid of these prospects.”

So, Nancy Pelosi, is she going to look Officer Singh’s household within the face and say that is a “manufactured disaster”? I ponder if she would inform these households that misplaced their family members that that does not really matter as actual information, that it is a “manufactured disaster.” I do not assume these households are seeing it that manner. These are actual human beings, actual People, law-abiding folks. We now have households which are being uprooted and destroyed, lives senselessly taken endlessly.

Speaker Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, this isn’t a manufactured disaster. These are actual statistics, actual folks, actual lives and lots of deaths. That is about life and loss of life.

These are the information that the mainstream media and the Democratic Get together refuse to indicate you. They’re all in-sync collectively. They’re simply an extension of one another. 4,000 prison aliens have been arrested for murder, 30,000 prison aliens have been arrested for intercourse crimes, over 100,000 for violent assaults. And final yr, 800 gang members have been apprehended at our border. That is a 50 % improve over 2017.

There have been additionally 122 % improve in fentanyl. And that is being smuggled throughout the border as effectively. 90 % of the heroin is being smuggled throughout the border. That is in each small city and massive metropolis in America.

And consider, each seven days, 300 People are dying. 17,000 people with prison data have been apprehended making an attempt to cross the border. And 60,000 inadmissible or unlawful immigrants are turned away from our borders each single month. And over the past 30 days, 20,000 youngsters have been smuggled or trafficked proper right here into america.


On the opposite aspect of the border, the disaster can be very actual. One out of three migrant ladies who make this treacherous, harmful, arduous journey to our southern border are sexually assaulted. We have to defend folks on either side of the border. Roughly, 7 in 10 migrants have reported being victims of violence throughout that harmful trek, and a mean of 50 youngsters daily require emergency medical care after they arrive on the southern border.

Now, Speaker Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, this isn’t a manufactured disaster. These are actual statistics, actual folks, actual lives and lots of deaths. That is about life and loss of life.

Tailored from Sean Hannity’s monologue from “Hannity” on January 10, 2019.


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