Reducing weight is all the time in vogue in lots of elements of the world. However in Russia, individuals take weight-reduction plan and weight reduction to the intense—with hunger diets. Not solely that, these adhering to the hunger weight loss program will usually go to a clinic or “fasting spa” for help.

Yep, individuals pay cash in order that another person may also help them go with out meals for a whole week or longer. So how does it work?

In line with Russia Past, most fasting clinics supply calming workouts, pure surroundings and spa options to maintain sufferers’ minds off meals.

It additionally places them in a relaxing temper all through the method. Sufferers could get pleasure from a yoga session within the morning, adopted by scenic walks or a leisurely swim within the pool afterward.


Alexander Barvinsky, who owns the SpaGolod clinic in Moscow, advised Russian Past that sufferers want this week-long leisure time to offset the stress of starvation.

Author Jeannette Winterson describes her fasting expertise as “a pure excessive” to The Telegraph after visiting a Swiss fasting clinic for her fourth time. Winterson additionally says the expertise has “modified the best way I stay” and that fasting is about discovering pleasure in life.

Many sufferers who’ve gone to such spas report that they really feel higher after a number of days in. Some go on to lose a number of kilos whereas they’re on the clinic.

Nonetheless, most specialists regard this whole deprivation of meals as a harmful endeavor.

It’s true that your physique can survive with out meals for a number of weeks. In line with Scientific American, there have been studies of individuals going with out meals so long as 21, 36 and even 40 days.

Assume Ghandi’s famed 21-day quick or Jesus’ 40-day stretch with out meals within the Bible.

Nonetheless, the apply may very well be doubtlessly harmful for dieters. In line with the Nationwide Institute on Getting older, researchers are nonetheless investigating the advantages and harms of decreasing energy for good well being. Even then, a lot of the analysis includes calorie restriction, equivalent to intermittent fasting, not week-long hunger.

For instance, animal research counsel that decreasing energy by 10-40 % might improve an animal’s lifespan and forestall most cancers, states the NIA. Nonetheless, not all of the animals noticed this consequence, and a few even confirmed a shortened lifespan as a result of calorie restriction.

That reality suggests extra analysis is required to show how fasting diets work to supply good well being in some situations over others. As a result of the analysis is unproven, the NIA recommends that folks keep on with a balanced weight loss program and train routine to take care of good well being.

Another excuse that fasting diets may be dangerous is that the blood can turn into extraordinarily acidic. You see, your physique usually makes use of glucose from sugar and carbohydrates for power.


Nonetheless, when the physique doesn’t have sufficient carbs, it turns to saved fat for power as a substitute. At first, encouraging the fat-burning course of feels like an efficient, wholesome weight reduction methodology.

However right here’s what dieters may not know: in keeping with Medical Information Right now, the physique produces ketones as a byproduct of burning fats, which is an acid. These ketones are then launched into the blood and ultimately eradicated.

If the ketones construct up an excessive amount of, although, an individual might develop a situation known as ketoacidosis. The situation is life-threatening and would want emergency therapy.

Ketoacidosis usually happens in individuals who have diabetes, particularly sort 1 since their our bodies have problem producing any insulin. If individuals use the hunger weight loss program with out realizing about their diabetes, they may very well be placing their well being in jeopardy.


Some individuals would possibly view “fasting spas” as the reply to their weight loss program and weight reduction targets. However the knowledgeable consensus is that they simply aren’t researched sufficient and will trigger extra hurt than good in the long term.

For now, keep on with conventional methods of sustaining good well being, like balanced consuming habits, common train, and enough sleep.


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