A Honduran lawmaker has been stripped of her seat in Congress after being convicted final month of defaming and slandering a neighborhood banker.

The courtroom on Monday additionally sentenced Maria Luisa Borjas of the opposition Libre social gathering to serve two years and eight months, however she will be able to keep away from jail by paying a high quality of $1 for every day.

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Her congressional seat will cross to an alternate from her social gathering.

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Borjas was operating for election in 2017 when she learn a listing of suspected “mental authors” from safety ministry report in regards to the 2016 killing of environmental activist Berta Caceres.

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The record included Camilo Atala, president of Ficohsa financial institution.

Atala sued her for defamation, saying the feedback prompted “irreparable injury” to his repute. He has denied any connection to the slaying.


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